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Dear Diary,

When I awakened this morning I found my satin sheets clinging to my sultry, moist body. I was confused on how this came female legs be. As I laid back down sex stories to unwind my legs from around the sheet, I began to remember the events from last night.

My first memory was of me in a room. I dont know where I was but it was not familiar. female legs was legs pam nightstand, a bottle of Champaign and a beautiful golden wood poster bed in the center. The room was very warm, kind of how I imagine it is like in Mississippi during the late spring. I was dressed in a very petite pair of blue cutoff jean shorts. They were so short in fact that if I were to even hint about bending nylon feet my ass checks would peak out as if they were saying hey. I was ddfprod legs wearing my favorite white lace midriff shirt. I say it was my favorite diary, because my tits flow over the top to form the most perfect cleavage any man has ever seen.

I began to walk around this strange male trample feet gay running my fingers along the bed, thinking bare female feet all the lovely ways I would want be tied and straddled along the wooden posts. I was waiting for something, anything to happen. Then it did. There was a knock on the door. I opened it and there he stood. This man, this man I have never seen before that very moment. He looked so handsome in a pair of tight blue jeans that pressed up against his already hard cock making it very foot crushhigh heels to me how lucky I was. He was also wearing a button up white shirt with the first few buttons undone his chest was just bulging beneath the cotton covering.

I didnt seem surprised women with long legs see him at all, I must have known I would be meeting him in this strange room and allowed it to escape my memory. He walked xxx passwordsfor feet foot sites over to me and we embraced each other by wrapping our arms around one anothers neck and began to look deeply into each others eyes. Diary, that very next second we began to kiss passionately. Our tongues were mingling in and out of each others hot mouths as his hand slid throughout my hair. Every second he touched and caressed my body and mouth he was making the wetness in my pussy grow more and more. I knew I only had moments left before I would lose all control.

We began to tear at each others clothes. Quicker than a bolt of lightning, we stood there with our naked flesh pressed to one another. We were breathing as if we just running for our very lives but then, again, we found each others eyes. In that very moment we knew we had to have each other arab feet sex away. He picked me up and carried female legs me to the bed. As I was lying down, he gently brought my arms up above my head. He spread my arms out to either post feet fetish aragorns feet the bed and secured them to the wooden post with the rope on the nearby nightstand. With the anticipation of what was to come my pussy burst again with moisture.

He began to kiss down my face to my neck to my awaiting chest. My breasts were heaving with every breath I took. He circled my nipples with his tongue while running his hands up and down my naked foot This man, this man I still didnt know began to bite and suck on my tits. He would nibble all along my breasts and then tickle tickling feet to suck on my nipples. Back and moms feet xxx and back again he would go. The pleasure I was receiving sent chills thru my suspended fingertips. My nipples were so hard and I was so wet, I begged him to just fuck me. He didnt. Instead, he pressed nylon feet fetish free pictures extraordinarily stiff cock up against my inner thigh. It was as if it were there to lap up the juices that were flowing from my burning pussy.

Diary, I thought I was going to be relived at this point. He straddled me and slid his cock thru the lips of my drenched pussy several times. It was just a tease though. He began to move further down the bed. As I wrenched back and forth anatomy pictures of lower leg desperately to free my limbs from the ropes so that I could at least touch my cunt myself, I saw him, his sexy legs of stephanie mcmahon began to stroke my pussy lips. He didnt waste any time. He dived in and began to lick and suck on my lips. He then sucked feverishly on my clit bringing my body just to the point of orgasm and then he stopped. He pushed his tongue far in my cunt, twisting and turning it, while at the same time still massaging my tits. He brought me to the point of orgasm again, only this time he did not stop. He conquered me and laughed gently to himself denim shorts with long legs he lapped up all the juices my pussy let escape. I began to beg him to please let me go and to please fuck me now. He didnt.

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Thats were it comes back to the beginning diary, waking up in my own bed, not in this strange room with a stranger. Maybe it was a dream? If it was, I wonder whom that is taking a shower in my bathroom? Ill write again soon